Gilles Vigneau

TREASURISKS has the experience and expertise to Design, Build, and Manage 

your FOREIGN EXCHANGE RISK management policy and practices 


More than twenty-five years of experience in Capital Markets serving Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)

Local partner for your international activities!

Capitalizing on attractive export (or import) opportunities need not be a victim of fluctuating exchange rates. Mastering this risk will support your international growth.  Though CURRENCY risk management has a cost, not managing risk can be far more costly.  


As companies seek to grow in foreign markets, a strong currency risk management policy is a key component of good governance, supporting profitable and sustainable growth. For any business, it is a vital asset in a competitive market.

Gilles Vigneau, MBA, ASC, C.Dir.


Economist by trade, Gilles Vigneau spent more than twenty-five years on the financial markets, working for big Canadian and international banks. His track record allowed him to acquire an excellent reputation and a wide network.  He specialized in financing, investments and hedging products for a clientele of governments, large corporations and pension funds.  Due to his constant interactions with business leaders and his experience within banks’ management teams, Gilles Vigneau acquired a solid experience in management and he also became certified corporate director.


Gilles Vigneau is passionate of the Canadian entrepreneurship and of finance. He founded Treasurisks Inc. ("Treasurisks") following his finding that: (1) many Canadian companies don’t have a pro-active approach to losses related to foreign exchange and interest rates: and (2) there is few or no help available on the market in that respect. The mission of Treasurisks is to offer tools to businesses to protect against losses related to, principally, foreign exchanges and interest rates. Treasurisk has the expertise to allow you to take action to protect your revenues coming from exportation and to control your importation costs.


Montréal, Québec, Canada

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