Companies we are most relevant to


SME exporters and/or importers ...

TREASURISKS works in partnership with companies operating in foreign markets.


On an ad hoc basis, TREASURISKS can work with a company whose overseas activities are established, or with newcomer to export / import business with a genuine growth potential.​

... looking to integrate their risk management to their presence in foreign markets




Our Mission

Supporting Canadian SMEs to manage the risks associated with treasury operations, and, in particular, foreign exchange rate risk.  

To be successful, both the Evaluation Process and ongoing risk management are dependent on the following:


  • The staff, the information and the time dedicated to identify, assess and manage risk exposures of the company


  • The knowledge and experience in the financial markets including:

    • Monitoring market developments and trends

    • Understanding financial products 

    • Hedging techniques and strategies

    • Executing transactions and tracking results


SME often do not have the luxury of dedicated and specialized resources for this, even when risk management is a key element of business strategy.  


TREASURISKs solves this problem by providing the experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of specialized and dedicated in-house resources.

Montréal, Québec, Canada